• What’s the difference between Detailing and Car wash?

    Carwash such as touch less drive through or hand wash services deal mainly with just the exterior. A hand wash service is much better than a drive thru. Some hand wash services may provide vacuuming and a quick wipe down of the dashboard, whereas detailing, as suggested by its name, is much more detailed and thorough.  Detailers pay attention to often ignored and untouched areas such as doorjambs, wheel wells, and rims, etc.

  • Why do you need detailing?

    If you enjoy driving a clean car, as a detailer, I would recommend getting your car detailed once a month. There are specialized services at detail shops that ordinary carwashes can’t offer, such as shampooing, waxing, and polishing etc. Detailing can bring your car surfaces back to life!


  • What is interior Shampoo?

    This is about cleaning your car’s interior as spotless as possible. Shampooing is deep cleaning. Here at LivingStar we take pride in our method. We invented a 3-step process that other shops can’t offer.

  • Why does your car need a shampoo?

    Shampooing is great for removing stains and odors. We recommend shampooing for a number of reasons: if you have pets in the car; if you spilled liquids on carpets or fabric seating area; if the car has been parked outdoors for a long period of time;if you are selling your car, or just purchased a pre-owned vehicle.

  • How often does your car need a shampoo?

    As mentioned above, shampooing is both lengthy and expensive. This service is “as needed” and not part of regular maintenance.


  • Why does your car need a wax? What does waxing do?

    Wax protects your car from the elements and pollutants (such as dirt, dust, and various contaminants in the air. Rain drops act as an adhesive, gluing dirt and dust to the surface of your car. A good way to tell if your car needs a layer of wax is to spray water on car hood. If the water beads and rolls off, you’re good.  However, if it does not, you better come in and let us handle that for you. This accumulation of dirt will eventually lead to staining, spotting, and eventually rusting.

  • When does your car need waxing?

    We suggest every two months.

Other Services

  • What is Wheel/Rim Detailing?

    This is an extensive, thorough, yet gentle cleansing of the rims and tires. It is a service ideally for off-roading trucks.  P.S. Black rims that should not be black! (Please note that we cannot remove rust and peeling chrome surfaces, and we do not refinish the rim.)

  • What is Leather Care?

    We have designed an application process to systematically clean, refresh and protect leather interior within inside the vehicle cabin. We use a gentle cleaner, followed by our high-end leather milk, giving leather a long-term protection from UV damage and retaining the leather’s natural ability to maintain moisture.

  • What is Aquapel window treatment?

    This is an innovative technology that repels rain drops.  A clear windshield improves vision in the rain. This s a perfect solution to for driving in those rainy days in Vancouver! It also makes it easier to remove snow, dirt, bird droppings, and bug splats. In addition, it reduces glare at night. Each application lasts up to 3 months in normal driving conditions.

  • What is Ozone?

    Does the inside of your car smell funny?  We use a deodorizing system that generates chlorine dioxide to remove odors such as cigarette smoke, pet odor, mold, spilt beverage, and mildew , etc.

  • What is Engine Wash?

    An engine wash includes a thorough cleaning of the engine bay and all exposed components. We use acid free degreasers, non-scratch brushes, water, and air blowing drying. All electrical is covered to ensure engine safety.

  • Why do we need an engine wash?

    We highly recommend this service to dealerships for their pre-owned vehicles, and to anyone who is are trying to sell his/her car.

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