Wax is a hydrophobic layer that is added on top of your clear coat to create an extra barrier between the environment and your paint. One of the benefits is adding an extra shine to your vehicle and making the surface of your paint feel smooth.  Since the paint is smooth, wax prevents grime and contaminants from sticking onto your paint. Wax also prevent sun damage to car paint from ultraviolet radiation. Rainwater from the roads is full of all sorts of pollutants which can easily damage the paint. We highly recommend waxing your vehicle in spring/ summer or before winter.

We offer four different types of wax. Basic, Regular, Premium, and Paint Sealant.

Basic Wax is a liquid wax, offering 1-2 months of paint protection. Regular is a gel wax, which is longer lasting and offers better protection. Premium wax is a hand-applied carnuba wax, which is very durable, and offers protection for 6-10 months. Paint Sealant is a synthetic, polymer-based product that acts much like wax, but with extra durability and a deeper shine lasting up to a year.

In order to reduce surface scratching or swirling, we use wool applicators and our bare hands to apply wax to vehicle surfaces.  Then, with high-grade synthetic towels specifically designed for wiping the wax off, waxing leaves behind a layer of protection from the elements lasting 2-12 months, depending on the type of wax you choose. Regular and premium wax and paint sealant, and ceramic coating services will include clay bar in order to make sure the body paint is clean.

If you’re looking to sell your vehicle, we definitely recommend wax to make your car shiny and presentable.


Car size/Price Motorcycle/Small Sedan Sedan SUV XL SUV & Truck * Minivan & Sprinter
Exterior Detail with Wax & Paint Sealant Price List
Express Liquid Wax (last 1-2 months) 130 137 147 160 174
Gel Wax (last up to 4 months) 205 212 222 235 249
Premium Wax (last up to 10 months) 255 262 272 285 299
Paint Sealant (last up to 12 months) 310 317 327 340 354
Detailing(In&Ex) with Wax & Paint Sealant Price List
Express Liquid Wax (last 1-2 months) 160 178 195 216 241
Gel Wax (last up to 4 months) 235 253 270 291 316
Premium Wax (last up to 10 months) 285 303 320 341 366
Paint Sealant (last up to 12 months) 340 358 375 396 421
* SUVs will count as the XL SUV & Truck size if they have a third row seating
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