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Leather Care

We have designed an application process to systematically clean, refresh and protect leather interior within inside the vehicle cabin. We use a gentle cleaner, followed by our high-end leather milk, giving leather a long-term protection from UV damage, cracking, and fading,  and retaining the leather’s natural ability to maintain moisture.


Vinyl Care

Vinyl Care is a protective product applied to vinyl and plastic surfaces on the interior of the vehicle, offering protection from UV damage, wear, and fading. Over time, these vinyl surfaces loose their colour due to sunlight and regular day-to-day use. Vinyl Care restores this colour and enhances the look of these surfaces, as well as offers protection, lengthening their life.


Aquapel Window Treatment

Window Treatment an innovative technology that repels rain drops, giving you a clear windshield improves vision in the rain. It is a perfect solution for driving in those rainy days in Vancouver.

This has the benefit of making it easier to remove snow, dirt, bird droppings, and bug splats. In addition, it reduces glare at night.

Each application lasts up to 6 months or more in normal driving conditions.


Wheel/Rim Detailing

This is an extensive, thorough, yet gentle cleansing of the rims and tires. A special pH Neutral wheel cleaner is used to remove high amounts of iron-rich brake dust, oil, rubber residue as well as other road dirt and grime. After a complete in & out cleaning of the rim, we will apply wheel shield to give the wheel rims a shiny look and to protect your wheels from brake dust and other stubborn dirt contamination. It is a service ideal for off-roading trucks and high performance vehicles (M-series, AMG, etc.).

(Please note that we cannot remove rust and peeling chrome surfaces and we do not refinish the rim.)



We use a heavy duty deodorizing system that generates chlorine dioxide to remove odours such as cigarette smoke, pet odour, mold, spilt beverages, mildew, etc.

Before ozone, we recommend that you shampoo your vehicle to fully clean the areas causing the odours and prevent the return of odours.


Engine Wash

An engine wash includes a thorough cleaning of the engine bay and all exposed components. We use acid free degreasers, non-scratch brushes, water, and air blowing drying.

All electrical is covered to ensure engine safety.

(We highly recommend this service to dealerships for their pre-owned vehicles,  and to anyone who is are trying to sell his/her car.)

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