This is a 3-stage exterior detailing process starting with a complete hand wash, then clay bar to remove dirt and contaminants, followed by air blow drying. Lastly, all delicate surfaces are taped off before polishing is employed to remove surface scratches in the clear coat and to increase the shine and reflectivity of painted surfaces.

All of our full car polishing services come with a wax ranging from our regular wax, premium wax, and paint sealant. This adds the final touch, giving your paint an extra gloss and protection.

We offer spot polishing and whole car polishing. We recommend bringing your vehicle to the shop before your appointment so that we can examine the car and assess the amount of cut or polish required.


Car size/Price Motorcycle Sedan SUV SUV & Truck * Minivan & Sprinter
Whole Car Starting At 450 450 450 450 450
Per panel 250/h 250/h 250/h 250/h 250/h
* SUVs will count as the SUV & Truck size if they have third row seating
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