Detailing is broken down into two categories: exterior and interior. Specific products are used and services performed that target specifically these two areas.

We utilize specialized products and treatments to provide services required to satisfy your needs.

Interior Detailing

This service involves a deep cleaning of the entire interior cabin, including cupholders, airvents, seats, floor mats, and more. All interior cabins contain a variety of materials, such as synthetic carpeted upholstery, vinyl, leathers, natural fibers, carbon fiber composites, matte and glossy finish plastics. Thus, we use different methods and products to treat different materials. Vacuuming is a standard service we provide for all vehicles, and in addition, we also offer hot water shampooing and steam cleaning. We use both liquid based and foam chemical cleaners, as well as soft brushes and other equipment to remove stains, odors, and restore discoloration from upholsteries and leathers.

Bag Up Garbage, Organize Personal Belongs
First Vacuuming
Pressurized Air Dusting – Seams, Air Vents, Crevices, Etc.
Specialized Cleaning Spray
Microfibre Wipe Down
Cup Holder Cleaning
Second Vacuuming
Carpet Cleaning
Floor Mat Cleaning
Rubber Mat Cleaning
Window Cleaning

Exterior Detailing

This process involves extensive cleaning with the objective to restore the surface areas of your vehicle to its original condition. We give attention to painted surfaces, chrome or glossy finish trims, windows, wheels, tires, door jambs, as well as other visible components on the exterior of the vehicle. We use an array of environmentally-safe products and techniques to perform said work based on surface types and conditions of vehicles. The products we generally use include: pH-neutral cleaners and degreasers, solutions to break down dirt, tar, and brake dust, as well as other supplies and equipment such as brushes, microfibre towels, wool wash mitts, and air driers.

First Rinse with All Purpose Cleaner
Special Cleaner
Wool Glove Hand Wash
Hot Steam Power Wash
Wheel Cleaning
Rim Scrub Wash
Rim Wipe
Tire Shining
Air + Microfibre Towel Dry
Exhaust Cleaning
Doorjamb Cleaning

Exterior Detail Wash Twice

Clay bar to remove Brake dust, industrial fallout, acid rain deposits and rail dust all can adhere to your vehicle, also stubborn sap, tar, and bug remains

Wool applicators/our bare hands to apply wax to vehicle surfaces
Wipe wax off with high-grade synthetic towels specifically designed

Protects against:

UV, Acid rain, Snow, Salt, Dust, dirt, grime, bugs, staining and more

Lasts up to three to four months depend how you use your vehicle


Car size/Price * Sedan SUV/Crossover XL SUV/Truck/Minivan Motorcycle
Detailing (In&Ex) $129 $156 $189 $98
Exterior Only $79 $89 $98 -
Interior Only $79 $89 $98 -
* Prices may vary depending on the conditions of your car (i.e. Dog Hair)
*  Two hours of free parking after we ask you to pick up the vehicle
* SUVs will count as the XL SUV & Truck size if they have a third-row seating
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